Which is The Best Smartphone under 15000 in the Market?

Which is The Best Smartphone under 15000 in the Market?

While choosing the Smartphone, we also think like a smart because its worth able. In market we have number of companies provide smartphones but every smartphone is not best we select it with our requirement like camera megapixels, Internal Storage, Long life service and charging capacity.

we have a number of companies in the market trends like Apple, OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi, Honor, OnePlus and Etc., Which is the best how can we choose, it should satisfy all parameters like cost, specifications and satisfaction factors. If security is playing a major role in your requirements, you may choose iOS mobile, Android also gives security but not that much and iOS is heavily expensive. if you buy a mobile phone for taking photos and videos choose the best megapixel camera with highly internal storage and charging capacity mobile or else it is for designing and gaming purpose choose highly configured like ram, processor, and os performance-based mobile.

In market take one mobile company like Xiaomi, in this company MI Note 7 Pro is trending. On before Note 7 Pro, Note 6 Pro is best selling mobile in Xiaomi company, what is the difference between those two mobiles. There is a similar difference occurs like camera capacity and processer, in Mi 6 Pro processor Snapdragon 636 with 12 MP + 5 MP camera and MI 7 Pro processor Snapdragon 675 with 48 MP + 5 MP camera capacity, the difference between Snapdragon 636 and Snapdragon 675 is slightly applications run in Snapdragon 675 than Snapdragon 636 and I think everyone knows about Camera capacity, and price also one thousand difference.

And why the company released Note 7 Pro this small gap. Because customer requirements may change and parallel companies also releasing more specification devices so if any company wants to run in the present market they should beat other company specifications.

Select one specific model with our requirements or specifications and crosscheck is it right for us or not. If you have selected one specific model and choose the same configuration models in other company and take comparison and choose your best phone in any company with your required specifications in the best price.

I personally recommended for below 15K is MI Note 7 PRO because these much specifications if available in any other company it is having a price above 25k, and almost all same specifications and best price.

The only disadvantage is device heating when performance is continuously running.
Octa-core processor with Snapdragon 675 and Adreno 612 graphical chip.
4 GB Ram with 64 GB internal memory.
4000mAh Battery capacity.
Camera capacity 48 MP +5 MP Rare + 13 MP Selfy above all features within 13999/-

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