What Is BYJU’s The Learning App?

What Is BYJU's The Learning App?

The BYJU’s is Learning Application is specifically intended for students who dream about having marks, but its mind does not always give a book and read space, but they fall asleep in class during boring lectures that they would like to learn, who want to understand a better feeling than their school teachers and who would like to be successful in academics.

During our school days, we learn, remember, omit on the answer sheets, passed, and forget it. This routine process is the complete cycle of all stages of our schooling or else our class 6 or 10+ standards.

But some lessons are stored in our mind until we left this world, like A for Apple, B for Ball and now a days C for Chocolate etc.

But we are confusing in Mathematics, Physics and more subjects in our higher grades, Why ?

If you are agree read continue or else you do not agree with me say bye to this article because it is not useful for you.

Kids are enjoying with BYJU’s APP

Why we are remembering A for Apple…! and Why we are confusing in higher subjects ?

While we are learning A for apple, we are learning with the help of images, and right after that we just read the theoretical subject that means text only, and writing exams for scoring marks, not for knowledge. That’s the main reason we are forgetting everything after completion of our exams.

For example, while we are browsing any application or else social media we spent more time when an image appears on screen but not at the article.

Spending time more on Images

So scientifically our brains increase meaning, emphasize and engage with images rather than theoretical narratives.

In this manner we have two ways to learn.

  1. Imagery or Animation Explanation with background voice over.
  2. 2D slide shows or Video Explanation with voice over.

So BYJU’s application teaches with help of images, Animate images, graphical methods and videos.

BYJU’s is not only for school, but also to prepare a competitive exam through tests.

BYJU’S is India’s largest educational institution and the largest K12 Learning app of India, which offers highly competent, attractive and effective learning programs for students for competitive exams such as grades 4-12 (K-12) and JEE, Neat, Cat, IAS, GRE and GMAT. It was launched in 2015 and became the most beloved and preferred academic for students of BYJU’s age. BYJU’s Learning App enables video content from original content, rich animations, interactive simulations and best teachers of India.

Today, BYJU’s 10 million downloads, 500,000 annual paid subscriptions and adding 40,000 students per month to use it. BYJU’s app is enjoyable and effective, with an average of 40 minutes each day from 1700+ cities every day.

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