What are the Requirements for PUBG?

What are the Requirements for PUBG?


Who to Play? How to Play? With whom to Play? Which requires?


Brendan is a Designer of PUBG. It is one of the best multi-player game, and it was developed and published by PUBG corporation. Initially, it was released a beta version with Microsoft via stream in March 2017 and the same month it was released for the XBOX ONE by Microsoft studios. And officially released in 2018 for Android and iOS. It is one of the best selling game over 50M copies throughout the world by June in 2018.

PUBG is well known and entering the game for online players and who are interested to play together by the server. In the PUBG we have to play three types of play people together like Solo, Duo that means two players and Squad that means four players together.

Solo Squad Duo

The game starts with 100 players and they have to survive on a Russian island. They have jumped from plain with help of parachute on the island and then searching for required items like weapons, bags, energy drinks, health kits, scopes to do fight with other players.

In PUBG game,
Russian island have three modes of maps for game play.

  • Classic
  • Arcade
  • Event Mode

In each mode, it has individual maps like


  • Erangel
  • Miramar
  • Sanhok
  • Vikendi it is Beta

Arcade is a sub-mode of game play

  • War
  • Mini-Zone
  • Quick-Match
  • Sniper-training

Event Mode

  • It is only one that is Zombie in this we have to fight with Zombies and opponent players also.

Take a look small video,


Finally, who are alive in the game they won the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner title, who are playing PUBG they are fully satisfied if they get that title.

Why people are so interested to play PUBG ?

  • Player treat as a Army force
  • Completely free for Android and iOS
  • Cost less 4G speed internet
  • In-game discussion with our partners
  • Free User interface
  • Online Trending game

PUBG Had Received so many Awards…!

In the year 2017
• Best Multiplayer Game from Golden Joystick Awards
• PC Game of the Year from Golden Joystick Awards
• Best Multiplayer Game from The Game Awards 2017

In the Year 2018
• Mobile Game of the Year (PUBG Mobile) from Golden Joystick Awards
• Esports Game of the Year from SXSW Gaming Awards
• Excellence in Multiplayer from SXSW Gaming Awards
• Trending Game of the Year from SXSW Gaming Awards
• Outstanding Achievement in Online Gameplay from D.I.C.E. Awards
• Action Game of the Year from D.I.C.E. Awards

One of the most downloaded, entertaining and famous game in the world, it is recently released for free in Android, initially it available for the only PC.

Finally, small suggestions to our PUBG players, recently many people are enjoying to play it but when the game rank increase game going to be tough, we become a Pro Player and fighting with Pro Players, so that player should have upgraded device then they will enjoy their play or else they get irritated. Players not accept lagging and if they missed WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER they get frustrated.

Which is suitable mobile for PUBG Android?

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